“I’ve mucked around with suspensions on my vehicles trying heavier springs, lifts, airbags, etc. However these Raiz-a-bac coils have by far outperformed anything I have tried in the past. I use and would recommend Raiz-a-bac products”.

Auto Electrician

“Made my ute travel like a car, perfect”.

Traveler towing camper trailer.

“I have tried other products but these made my vehicle feel like I had control again”.


“They improved the ride of my ute empty as well as loaded, so I haven’t had to think about them since.That’s the part I like, you can put them on and know that they are doing the job and just forget about them.I will definitely be putting them on my next vehicles”


“Improved my ute’s suspension all round, loaded or empty. I have upgraded my leaf suspension previously with heavier leaf etc. and it’s always annoyed me that I have lost ride comfort by doing so. With these you get the best of both worlds. I have given them a fairly hard time and they have stood up to it extremely well. Very happy with them.” 

Landcruiser Owner

“I love mucking around with suspensions, I purchased a set, had them in for 18months. For Interest I took them out for a month and reinstalled again.The difference with them in is amazing. It is definitely smoother, the rear is definitely not as hard, and on the dirt it skips less, cornering is good, and when loaded there is no comparison.” 

2013model, BT50, 4×4, Single Cab Owner

Feedback from an online buyer!

I just wanted to drop you a quick email to say how impressed I am with the product. Fitting was much easier than I thought, took less than an hour all together. With the weight on the back of my ute, it lifted the rear back up 60mm at the wheels and it now rides perfectly and you cannot notice the added weight!

The main thing I have noticed is the ride is now just ride, as the rear does not bounce around and it sits great on the road!

Cheers, Paul — D max owner

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